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Waiter who served Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce at Los Angeles restaurant express Huge surprise after he received Swifts’ generous tip



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce recently visited Madeo Ristorante located in West Hollywood during their Los Angeles outing on April 24th after Swift released her latest album “The Torture Poets Department”

Taylor Swift reportedly tips extremely well

After she left the restaurant, a reporter from People spoke to the server who took care of the celebrity couple and mentioned she tipped extremely well.

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“She’s super sweet,” the server said “They were super nice. Very, very nice. She tipped really, really well.”

According to others who have served Taylor during Kelce’s games with the Kansas City Chiefs, she’d be handing out $100 bills for simple purchases. As many know her Eras Tour was a billion-dollar endeavor

It seems that the Tour is far from over, and now that she released her new album will most likely add the new songs to the setlist.

taylor Swift tip

Swift announced the album during the Grammy Awards on 4 February and her official web shop began accepting pre-orders for the project the same day. The set was released on 19 April, along with its first single, “Fortnight”, featuring Post Malone.

The Tortured Poets Department (abbreviated as TTPD) was initially released at midnight ET on April 19 as a standard 16-song digital download album, as well as a variety of 17-song physical configurations (more details on the different versions later in this story.)

With 1.9 billion sold, The Tortured Poets Department instantly became the best-selling album of 2024 so far this year. The second best-selling album, counting weekly sales from January to the present, is Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter, with 228,000 copies sold in total.

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