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Patrick Mahomes says He ‘Can’t Keep Up’ with Travis Kelce’s Partying and lifestyle



Patrick Mahomes seems to be able to do it all: he’s a three-time Super Bowl champion, a loving husband and father of two. But one thing he admittedly can’t do anymore is keep up with fellow Kansas City Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce when it comes to partying.

During a recent interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Mahomes, 28, opened up about no longer being able to hang out partying like he used to with the Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, since becoming a father to his daughter, Sterling, 3, and son, Bronze, 17 months.

Speaking to Paul, Mahomes said, “No, I cannot [keep up with the Kelce brothers]. I used to, I think, and then I had kids. You hear my voice now and I left early every night [when they were in Las Vegas for his charity golf tournament and gala]. … You gotta pick and choose these days.”

However, Mahomes noted that despite his fun-loving ways, Kelce, 34, is “super intelligent.”

“He puts on this persona like, ‘I’m partying, I’m drinking [or] whatever’ but he’s really super intelligent. He gets on the football field and he gets open and I just know where he’s going to be [and] at the same time I think our friendship kind of built naturally,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes’ interview with Paul was the second time they connected this week, after a recent surprise appearance at WWE Raw in Kansas City on April 29. The Chiefs’ 2024 Super Bowl MVP sent the crowd into a frenzy when he let Paul, 29, use his Super Bowl rings as brass knuckles in his match with Jey Uso.

Mahomes was sitting front row when Paul approached him about using his Super Bowl rings as a weapon against Uso. As Paul went to punch Uso wearing the rings, he missed at the last second and instead struck JD McDonagh, according to CBS Sports.

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