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Patrick Mahomes gets at Night Show – Mahomes mom came to his rescue



Patrick Mahomes gets confronted at WWE but little brother Jackson Mahomes didn’t back him up

atrick Mahomes’ success has allowed his entire family to live an amazing life, such as bringing his little brother Jackson Mahomes to front row seats at WWE Monday Night Raw. But when the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback got ran up on by Braun Strowman, his brother, who was just a few feet away, was not the one who came to his defense

Patrick Mahomes faces off with Braun Strowman
Strowman stopped his act when he saw Patrick Mahomes in the crowd, stepping toward him with a bad look in his eyes. Out of nowhere popped two Chiefs offensive lineman, Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith, whose hulking figures made the wrestler quiver in his boots and think twice about the confrontation.

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Although Patrick didn’t end up needing more backup, people were mystified by the look on Jackson’s face while his brother was being confronted. The 23-year-old could be seen in on the edge of a video from the crowd sitting still with a blank stare on his face just a few feet away.

In contrast, their mother Randi Mahomes was quick to take issue with Strowman’s antics. Even streamer and internet celebrity iShowSpeed, who was next to Jackson Mahomes in the crowd, had a much stronger reaction than the person whose brother was face to face with a pro wrestler.

Jackson Mahomes has faced lots of criticism for his inability to read social situations, whether he was trying to hug Taylor Swift or awkwardly following Jason Kelce around at the Super Bowl. His legal troubles stemming from a 2023 arrest for sexual battery also have not earned him many fans.

While everybody in the arena stood and held their breath for the best player in the NFL, his brother didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

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