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Kate Middleton’s doppelganger’s striking resemblance: There’s no record of her being hired by the Royal Family



There are many famous doppelgangers around the world and it seems that Kate Middleton of the British Royal Family has got one of her own.


The Princess of Wales, who is suffering from cancer, has been in the spotlight during a period in which she disappeared from the public eye before announcing her illness. The rumor mill grew to such an extent that Middleton’s photograph was the most sought-after in the medIn an image that went around the world, suspicions that the person photographed was not Kate Middleton were evident. It was later discovered that she was actually Gabriela Munro Douglas.


This British woman works for a stunt agency where she is paid over a thousand euros for a day’s work.


This lookalike became famous after her time on the ‘X Factor’ and, since then, she has been going to events wearing the same outfits as Kate Middleton, starring in advertising campaigns and even being asked for photos in the street.


A TV show titled ‘Fiesta’ focused on this doppelganger, with Concha Calleja sharing her thoThere is no official record or confirmation that she has been hired by the Palace for these things. Everything we say is unofficial. She started working for an agency in 2011 because she looks like Kate. She started doing more serious things in 2014 when she toured Australia at the same time as Kate and William,” said Concha Calleja.


The ‘Fiesta’ contributor pointed out that “this is not for her to replace Kate at official events”, but rather for “Kate and William to rest at official events when there are rehearsals, in case they have to do some shots, and so on”.

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