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Jimmy Kimmel calls Travis Kelce a ‘broke boyfriend’ next to Taylor Swift’s billions – After New NFL Contract



Travis Kelce may be the highest paid NFL tight end, but it’s chump change compared to what his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, makes … something Jimmy Kimmel pointed out.

JK poked fun at the Kansas City Chiefs player’s 2-year contract extension during the opening monologue for his show this week. While Travis is raking in $34 mil with his new deal, Jimmy rightly notes … it’s “gum money” to Taylor and her billion-dollar net worth.

Jimmy quipped … “Can you imagine being in a relationship where you make $34 million and you’re still the broke boyfriend?”

The late-night host then called out the Swifties, who called Travis “baby girl,” “sweet boy” and “pookiest pookie” over his big career news — and he joked that he wasn’t sure if TK was a football player or a kitten these days.

There’s no denying this has been a good week for the A-list couple … on a couple different fronts, particularly when it comes to raking in the dough — which they’re both doing.

Taylor’s new album is dominating the charts — and Travis just snagged a huge contract. And while Jimmy’s right to point out Trav is nowhere near as wealthy as T-Swift — it doesn’t seem like the disparity makes any difference in their relationship … ’cause they’re going strong.

Remember, the couple hit Las Vegas for Patrick Mahomes’ charity gala — where TK proudly called Tay his “significant other” and offered up 4 ‘Eras’ tour tickets in the auction.

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